Monday, March 7, 2016

Please Don't Try to Fix Me

There is a certain madness in this world, in fact, there is an almost infinite madness in this world and as many variations as there can be imagined. Or perhaps that is simply chaos theory. The universe is so far beyond the reach of our current collective knowledge, many believe in a creator to fill the void of the apparently infinite unknowns. Unknowns are scary, I suppose. Unless they are exciting. I find unknowns exciting precisely 99.9976% of the time. 0.00198% of the time I find unknowns scary enough to want it to stop and 0.00042% of the time I am either ambivalent or apathetic about the whole concept of the unknown. Occasionally the ratios flip like a magnet flipping poles and all hell could break loose for all I care, but generally I am excited and care about everything. Now you know a little more about what might pass as a basic philosophy or perspective of life, the universe, and everything. Or at least the unknown.

Given that, all the stress or trepidation or uncertainty or negative energy or whatever brought about by the unknowns of change are figments of the imagination. For better or worse and at times unfortunately, the imagination can have a great influences on the brain cells that produce impulses and chemicals that control the rest of the body, including the important things like attitude and perspective. That is why some people have unproductive, unhealthy, or even hostile attitudes/perspectives and other people have a productive, healthy, and loving attitudes/perspectives when presented with the exact same circumstance and experience.

Some people are fixed in their figments, taking on faith that their chosen explanations for the unknowns, which give them relatively consistent attitudes/perspectives that can give them rather consistent reactions, whether positive or negative (positive if you agree, negative if you do not agree). Some people are not so fixed. That is not to say they are broken, though they may appear broken to those chose have fixed perspectives. The dilemma (fallacy, really) of making any attempt to label or categorize (or judge) anyone without fixed figments is about the same as trying to explain the life, the universe, and everything. Knowledge for rational assessment remains beyond current reach as there are just too many unknowns in reality.

Still, the unknowns and the constant potential for change that the unknowns present are so scary for many (especially those who like things fixed) that they feel compelled use their imagination to create some sort of explanation for the unknown and for the unfixed. Many turn off their minds and ignore the logical fallacy of claiming to know the unknown. Basing their perspectives in such fallacy, the fixed are less than cooperative (often in conflict) with their respective fixed plans when presented with different fixed plans. The actual constant potential for change leaves no single explanation the collective truth for long (leaving humans to be, throughout history, in a relatively constant state of conflict over attitudes/perspectives).

The truth remains that there are as many different fixes as the human mind can create through reason, imagination, logic, faith, or other means. Some fixes are polar opposites of others which makes for a lot of tension and, well, opposition (negative energies).

Perhaps from another perspective, insecurity/fear adds competition (and more... but that is a whole 'nother analysis and for better or worse, in case it matters {shoulda bet you won't cuz of course you can if you want to}, and our couch time is up for today). if you simply must know more (insatiable curiosity stronger than insecurity/fear?... she asks with a smile), remember you asked for it, he said with a smile). Unfortunately, at this time in human development and collective knowledge, might makes right. The majorities in power determine the acceptable truths by creating explanations for the unknowns. The constantly changing unknowns... some try to find a fix, some simply like it, some do not care. Some just lament and laugh.

If it not obvious by now, I am one who likes it.

About 99.99802% of the time. :)